Oleoresins are a naturally occurring combination of oil and resin that can be extracted from plants. They are a highly concentrated substance that exists in liquid form.

The extraction process begins with raw spices that are cleaned and ground, then the spices' oils are distilled using an organic solvent.
Different plants require different methods of extraction; common ways to extract are through water (steam distillation), oil, and alcohol, and each can vary in the level of concentration they produce. The content can be controlled and fine tuned through the use of various solvents and pressures. 

For final use, these products are typically dispersed in a dry neutral carrier or liquid such as vegetable oil to the desired strength. They have many applications:

  • As a coloring agent in butter, cheese, meats, snack foods, and cereals
  • In jellies, jams, and gelatin preparations
  • In poultry feed to enhance the color of eggs and poultry
  • In frozen foods, desserts, soups, fish preserved in oil, meat sauces, or any prepared food where a more vibrant color is desired
  • In the preparation of some medicines
  • In soaps, candle making, and hair lotions

Because they have the same properties as the original spice, they can replace whole or ground spices without compromising aroma, flavor, or texture.
As a result, oleoresins have a lot of advantages over whole or ground spices. Oleoresins are easy to store and transport because concentrated forms reduce space and bulk. They can be more heat stable than raw spices and have a longer shelf life due to lower moisture content.

Radiation, synthetic chemicals, and high heat destroy precious plant properties. Distinguishing various methods of extraction for each particular plant and working in small batches ensures product freshness. Our oleoresins are free from contamination and standardized so you are assured of consistent concentration and flavor.