The human body only needs 500 mg of sodium daily to function properly, and most processed foods' sodium content far exceeds this number. For example, a pre-portioned single slice serving of cheese has 1,662 mg of sodium, and even then you may need to add salt to your recipes to enhance flavor or extend their shelf life.

There is a large concern over the general intake of this mineral both by doctors and the public. It’s clear that we all need some of this important electrolyte in our diets for our bodies to function properly, but in some people, too much sodium can lead to hypertension. People with congestive heart failure, liver cirrhosis, and kidney disease must monitor their sodium intake, and everyone else should be aware of the potential dangers of too much sodium in the diet.

There’s been reaction in the food industry regarding the addition of salt to their products, and a variety of “low sodium” and “no added salt” products are now available.

At OSI, we understand your need as a manufacturer in this day and age. Our ingredients are clearly marked on our labels - we will never add anything to our products without you knowing about it, so you can be sure about what goes into your food. All of our seasoning blends are salt and sugar free, so that leaves you in full control over your final product. That’s part of our pledge to you.