Ginger is one of the oldest spices to be cultivated, and plays an integral part in medicinal and culinary aspects of Chinese and Indian cultures. Ginger is known to be a flavor enhancer, but many people tout the potential health benefits of ginger.

Our sliced and TBC ginger root are great in the following applications:

  • teas and tisanes - for both flavor and medicinal properties.
  • beer - ginger can be added during the boil to impart a little bit of heat to your brew.
  • oil and vinegar infusions - infuse and use as a base for other products like salad dressings!
  • tinctures - infuse ginger slices with a neutrally flavored, high proof alcohol. These tinctures can be used medicinally or like bitters for mixology.

Our ground ginger root work wonderfully well in culinary applications like cookies, bread, and crackers. 

If you would like more information on our ginger offerings, please contact us here.