Organic Spices Inc, uses a combination of the most cutting edge technologies, to ensure complete food safety, both by destroying all pathogens, and at the same time avoiding all forms of hazardous pesticides, fungicides and radiation. This protects your business, your customers and ultimately your bottom line, while allowing you to provide customers food products that meet even the most demanding expectations.

All of our methods, are completely compatible with the full USDA Organic standard, while managing to meet - or surpass - strict FDA regulated safety standards.

Our key technologies include: Steam Treated Spice, Steam Treated Spices


Utilizing a machine called an autoclave, all bacteria, viruses and fungal spores are effectively destroyed by a combination of air pressure and superheated water. This strategy is so effective, that it is used by hospitals to turn highly pathogenic waste material, into a harmless by-product that can be disposed of safely in landfill. Steam sterilization does this while actually avoiding the higher temperatures needed by dry methods, to protect more sensitive ingredients. In fact, ingredients that are steam sterilized for a mere 3 minutes, at 275 °F can achieve the same degree of sterility as hot, dry air methods used for two hours at 320 °F. For suitable ingredients, steam treatment represents the cutting edge in organic compatible sterilization techniques, while not requiring the use of any hazardous materials unpopular with consumers (like synthetic chemicals or radiation).


Unfortunately, there are some ingredients (such as powders) where the use of steam treatment is not practical. Normally this would mean the use of a much longer, hotter method of dry heat. Organic Spices Inc., takes advantage of a more advanced rapid dry method that uses a raised temperature, combined with forced ventilation to be able to get all of the benefits of dry heat, with a faster turn around time.

All methods used are done with state of the art equipment, under supervision of trusted, expert technicians. We pride ourselves on our outstanding food safety record, giving our clients and their customers alike, wholesome, natural ingredients and nothing else.

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