Frequently Asked Questions

Minimum order quantity

We call them pack size(s). It varies from item to item depending on the density of the product. Herbs average about 22 - 44 lbs while ground spices are 40 - 55 lbs

For home use?

No problem, please visit our consumer brand Spicely Organics

do you provide samples?

Yes, current business customers may request samples of products that you are considering. For new customers, we suggest starting by filling out our application for credit below, so that it's as quick and easy to move forward on NET 30 terms when you find the product or products that are right for you. No waiting. Fast turnaround. Easy.

is it possible to apply for credit?

Yes. NET 30 terms are available to approved business customers by filling out the application for credit (available here).

how do you ensure the food safety... are your methods organic safe?

All of our products are sterilized by one of two organic friendly methods involving heat, air pressure and water. Steam sterilization is actually so effective that it is used by hospitals to turn highly pathogenic biological waste into harmless inert matter that can be safely disposed of in standard landfill. Our production facilities are also rigorously monitored and tested as well as being regularly inspected and passed by the FDA.

Who are your certifiers?

We're certified organic by the USDA (National Organic Program), Gluten Free by the Gluten Intolerance Group, Kosher / Kashruth by the Orthodox Union (OU) and more

Where can I download your certifications

Click here to download our certifications

Ethical guidelines?

Absolutely. They're too in depth to go into detail on this page, but in a nutshell: We follow a strict ethical sourcing policy (available here), a stringent sustainability policy (here), as well as using biodegradable packaging, using certified Fair Trade wherever it is available and being USDA Certified Organic. In everything we do we aim for goodness!

I don't see an item that I need. Can you source it for me?

Chances are, the answer is yes. With our access to the highest quality organic farms across the world, we have access to almost any ingredient our clients are looking for. Contact us today, and we'll let you know what we can do for you.



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