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Organic Sumac


Organic Sumac

Organic Sumac


Organic sumac is a dark red, almost purplish, culinary spice that originates from the sumac shrub. This plant grows wild in many Mediterranean areas, most notably in Southern Italy. The shrub forms its fruit in dense reddish clusters, which are harvested, dried, and ground coarsely to produce sumac spice. The shrub’s widespread growth, along with the berries unique properties, have allowed it to integrate itself into a wide range of dishes, and has become a staple in many cuisines.

The widespread love of sumac comes from its ability to add a tangy zest to nearly any type of savory dish, specifically those that benefit from a bit of sour/tartness –this flexibility can be seen by looking at the range of dishes that it has become a pivotal component of.  In Middle Eastern Cuisines it is most often associated with the spice mix known as Za’atar, in which it is the primary component. This mixture is quite versatile, being used to boost the flavor of both salads and meats. Sumac is also nearly always a part of traditional Arab cuisines, which use it as a vibrant garnish on top of appetizers and small plates –such as hummus. While Iranian’s employ the power of this zesty spice to balance out and boost the flavor of their beloved kebabs. Another unique usage of sumac is the role it plays in the Lebanese Fattoush (toasted pita bread) salad -in this case sumac is used in the dressing.

However, the versatility of the sumac plant isn’t limited to culinary purposes. In North America, for example, a different variety of sumac grows that was mixed with tobacco and smoked ceremonially by Native Americans. Some varieties, slightly different than the edible spice cultivar, are also utilized for their vibrant coloring abilities –being able to provide a beautiful crimson colored shade to cured leather. This spice also boasts medicinal properties, and has been used in Mediterranean regions as a digest aid for thousands of years. These properties are even noted by the Greek physician Pedanius Dioscorides in his medical journals around 50 AD. More recently evidence for the health properties of this powerful spice have been focused on its high antioxidant load.


Using it at home


            Sumac is a spice cabinet must-have that can be used to add a zesty snap to nearly any sort of vegetable or meat based dish. The versatility of this crimson colored spice comes from its unique ability to boost the flavor of the dish, bringing out natural flavors, without ever overpowering. In particular, it can be used any time you find yourself wanting to add a touch of lemon or vinegar to balance out the dish, or add a bit of tartness. Although it should be noted that although it can make up for the sour taste, it does not affect the acidic level of the dish the same way that lemon or vinegar can –which some recipes may require.

            When it comes to sumac get creative and don’t be scared. Rub meats, flavor stews, or boost sauces… you really can’t go wrong! You can also soak it and mix it into salad dressings, or stir it into yogurt to make a low-sugar dip. Remember, that while the spice can be added in during the cooking process, its beautifully vibrant color makes it the ultimate garnish to add just before serving. 




OSI launches B2B Commerce

While consumer ecommerce is getting more and more sophisticated, online B2B commerce lags behind. Yet the case for B2B ecommerce has never been stronger. Forrester Research reports that moving your B2B customers from offline to online ordering channels delivers significant competitive advantages, including decreased customer acquisition costs, higher average order value, ability to service more accounts, increased customer lifetime value, and an 80% decrease in commerce related error. With such clear benefits, B2B ecommerce is on its way to becoming universally adopted.

OSI has created a powerful B2B ecommerce portal for NetSuite SuiteCommerce customers. The portal extends NetSuite’s capabilities into an intuitive user experience that helps sell more products, retain more B2B customers, and helps inside sales reps focus on high value activities rather than on manual processes.

Key Features include:


Branded User Experience 

The B2B portal reflects your brand, with a user experience comparable to best-in-class consumer sites.The B2B portal allows you to market to your B2B customers, and gives them the opportunity to explore, browse, download files and research products. That ease of use translates to higher average order value.


Order Placement and Tracking

B2B customers can place and then track orders throughout the shipment process, taking the burden off your customer service reps. This streamlined sales support process allows you to deliver consistent levels of service at scale.


Invoice Payment and COA downloads

B2B customers can make payments using credit cards. And they can download certificate of analysis on placed and fulfilled orders. Once the account is set up, it’s completely self-service. Which means you can service any size account - from small, low volume accounts to large, high volume accounts.


Shopping Lists

The B2B ecommerce portal saves previously placed orders for simple checkout. Shopping lists make it easy to access frequently ordered sets of products and also help manage seasonal inventory needs. Sample and Quote request function also available


View Recent Order and Invoices

Customers/Partners can view and download orders as well as invoices, giving them full control over their entire business processes. 


Please contact your OSI account executive for a live demo of OSI B2B Portal



Amazing Spice Video

An audio visual installation in association with Schwartz Flavour Shots, an innovative new
range of herb and spice blends locked in oil. What does flavour look like? How does it
sound? These are the questions that inspired herb and spice experts, Schwartz, to create
what they describe as a ‘Sonic Flavourscape'.

Several tons of black peppercorns, cardamom, turmeric, paprika, cumin seeds, ginger, chilli
and coriander were rigged to explode in perfect sync with a bespoke musical composition.
Each explosion represents an individual piano note or chord, which when filmed at high
speed, creates a surreal three dimensional sound scape.

The project bought together an eclectic collective of creative collaborators. DJ/Producer
MJ Cole was approached to translate the sensation of taste into a musical composition.
Film maker Chris Cairns and pyrotechnic designers, ‘Machine Shop’, then went to work
turning this sound into a physical scale.