Organic Spices INC 

[formerly American Natural & Organic Spices]

We have a worldwide expertise in working with growers insuring a reliable supply of the highest quality organic culinary herbs and spices. We at Organic Spices Inc strive to offer a comprehensive solution with major focus in organic spices throughout our supply chain by driving out unnecessary costs and focusing attention on adding value. We also believe a successful supply chain system must be responsive to customer requirements. 




Direct Importer

Organic Spices Inc is a direct importer and the leading industrial ingredient supplier of  steam treated organic spices to organic food manufacturers.


Supply Chain

Our supply chain also includes the crucial components of coordination and collaboration with worldwide growers & coops that follow strict sustainable agriculture practices.


Consumer Brand

Our consumer brand SPICELY is sold in natural food stores such as Whole Foods, Bristol Farms, Berkeley Bowl and more. You can also visit our Amazon store for quantities of less than 50lbs per item